“Everyone desires to be their boss and the women entrepreneurship platform specifically empowers the women tribe to do So.”

In this golden age of globalization and digitization, India is clearly seeing a revolution in women entrepreneurship. It has recently occupied an important place in the list of rewarding career options. Many factors like urbanization, technical progress and women education have profoundly changed the traditional conditions. The level of entrepreneurship activity among women increases as the level of education rises. MEDLIFE FOUNDATION and MEDFEM INDIA is working in both urban and rural areas so that they can become financially independent and live a dignified life. We encourage the women to be entrepreneurs, beyond the established norms of making money, freedom from hectic jobs, personal development and welfare.

Female entrepreneurship has become one of the major driving forces of the economic development in many nations. Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) on women entrepreneurs stated that about 73 million people are active women entrepreneurs. Female entrepreneurship has attracted increasing attention in recent years in the light of concrete evidence of the importance of new business creation for economic growth and development.

Entrepreneurship is a useful financial tool in difficult economic times and female entrepreneurs are often an untapped and undervalued resource with the potential to boost economic success. From a Human Resource Management perspective, the rise in female entrepreneurship is vital for the economy. It enables the women to balance work and family commitments at home while fulfilling their business objectives. Married women with greater family responsibilities are more likely to be self-employed.




The Ministry Of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) highlights that women constitute around 14% of the total entrepreneurs in India. The Women and Entrepreneurship in India 2019 study was conducted online and between December ’18 and April’19 and received a lot of information about female entrepreneurship across the country.


Most of them started their business between 25 and 35. 51.2% of women fall under this criteria.

Another 19.6% of women started their business between the ages 35-40.

Most popular cities are Mumbai, Banglore, NCR, Hyderabad, Goa and Pune.

The scope of becoming more creative is what drove most of the women 27% to start their own business. 20% were inspired by the feeling of being their own boss and another 18% started due to the presence of a specific idea that they wanted to take to the market. This clearly shows how female entrepreneurship has become popular option for women in India to get financially independent.


MEDLIFE FOUNDATION and MEDFEM INDIA wants women to start their own units to earn money, to be self-dependent, to utilize their skills and talents and to get better status in the society. Women entrepreneurs are inspired by our guidance for starting their enterprises. We provide them basic education, training in marketing, business analysis and digitalization and how to seek financial assistance from banks and financial institutions. We believe that real women empowerment can come only through capacity building and independence.

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