What is sustainable menstruation? What’s this movement really about?

Sustainable menstruation refers to the use of alternative products during one’s menstrual cycle for the benefit of the body and planet.

Sustainable menstruation is being mindful of the negative effects that the disposable sanitary products have on our environment and to reduce the plastic waste ending up in our oceans or landfills.

This movement also focuses on the access to sustainable menstruation products. Many people have a difficult time purchasing healthy menstrual products, unaware of the fact sustainable menstrual products are a healthier and cheaper alternative.

Everyday about 800 million women between the ages of 15-49 menstruate. When a woman menstruates, her body gets rid of menstrual blood and other body fluids.


Periods are a lot of things – they are sometimes messy and painful, and they are at times inconvenient and annoying. One thing they are not is shameful. And yet, many women learn from a young age that their period’s normal biological functions that happen every single month are wrong somehow, that menstruation is embarrassing, that we should try to keep it hidden, that we shouldn’t talk about it.

What’s so wrong about disposable products?

  • Plastic Menstrual products generate more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year.
  • Most menstrual hygiene products are made up of plastic and are non-biodegradable, taking approximately 500 to 800 years to decompose.
  • Menstrual hygiene products such as pads and tampons usually contain dangerous chemicals, like pesticide residues, bleach, and phthalates that cause harm to the body.

Here’s what you can do about it:

To have a more eco-friendly period, you don’t have to eliminate pads and tampons from your period routine; you can mix and match your menstrual products. Use what feels right for your unique body. For now, here are some of your options to reduce your sanitary waste! These are some of the sustainable menstruation products to pick from:

  • Menstrual Cup: Usually made of silicone, menstrual cups can last up to 12 years. They are safe and easy to use: dump, rinse, and reinsert a cup.
  • Reusable Pads: These are thin and flexible, but can absorb more than a regular disposable pad. They can also last up to three-five years’ are safe and easy to use: dump, rinse, and reinsert a cup.
  • Period Underwear: Many affordable period underwear brands out there can hold three to five teaspoons of menstrual blood. These underwear are absorbent and washable.
  • Plastic-Free Applicators If you want to start by cutting out plastic applicators, this may be your best bet! These work just like tampons, but without the plastic.

Money saved with reusables?

  • An average person who menstruates uses about 12 tampons and 4 to 5 pads every month, spending roughly 12000 per year. You can save about 10k every year by switching to any of the sustainable menstrual products!

Today we should talk about feminine hygiene without any shame.

We should also start to delve into more environmental friendly approaches to our periods, in order to make them more sustainable and less harmful to the environment.

It is a well-known fact that plastic products have invaded our lives. Many of the personal hygiene products have plastic in them and the biggest example are sanitary pads. Thousands of tons of menstrual waste is generated in our country and most of it is in the form of sanitary pads. Moreover, there is no proper disposal system for this waste. The plastics in the sanitary pads does not degrade easily. The blood collected in the pads can also become a source of pollution and can lead to several diseases.

This plastic waste is really harmful to the environment. Many environmental groups are campaigning against the plastic in sanitary pads. Many awareness campaigns are popularizing reusable products that promote sustainable menstruation.

Menstrual cups have become popular in the recent past. They are much cheaper alternative in the long run. They are reusable for years and have minimal impact on the environment compared to disposable pads.

MEDFEM has introduced ecofriendly alternative to disposable sanitary products. They are comfortable, leakage proof, cheaper and environmental friendly. Made of high grade silicone, this flexible cup is worn internally in the vaginal canal, where it collects the menstrual flow. The contents can be discarded and the cup can be washed and reused.

The silicone used to make MEDFEM MENSTRUAL CUP is a green ingredient that is derived from medical grade silicone and is complete degradable.

Let us make the switch today, for a better tomorrow!

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