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Medlife Foundation is a registered NGO under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 on the 4th day of February 2016, and has been working since its establishment for sustainable menstr uation, Environment, women empowerment & Child development and healthcare awareness Programme. The aim is to improve the health of peoples belonging to the rural and slum area community.

Medlife Foundation has been working very prompt in order to find the solutions to the problem raised in the field of Sustainable menstruation, menstrual education, women empowerment and child development belonging to a weaker and backward class community and has been active in solving major aspects of menstrual health.

Our aim is to create more doer “Right now India doesn’t need more thinkers, it needs more doers.” We are looking for people with a passion to make a difference. If one is tired of thinking about menstrual solutions and wants to do something, then this Internship is the place for you!

The one year time frame of the Internship is about engaging the youth in a deeper way with some real life challenges, tasks and timelines. The Focus is on giving hands on experience and immersion into urban and rural India’s realities.

Interning at Medlife Foundation is fun if you want to explore and take yourself out of your comfort zone. Learning and absorbing will off course be a part of the process but we want you to take back something for a lifetime. If you have an open mind, doer attitude and tons of excitement to experiment, this is the place for you.

Applying for Internship 

Internship opportunities are offered at Medlife Foundation Mumbai office. There is no good or bad time to apply but there is a selection process.

Selection process 

  1. Write to us on info@medlifefoundation.org with your resume, duration (dates) and preferred location for your internship.
  2. Minimum duration for internship at Medlife Foundation is Three month.
  3. Three phased selection Process:-
    1. Write to us expressing clearly Why Medlife Foundation.
    2. To know more about Medlife visit www.medlifefoundation.org or our social media channels – Facebook page, twitter handle, YouTube channel, Instagram.
      You can also visit our nearest Office.
    3. Selected applicants will be invited to an informal meeting at our Office. If can’t
      make it for some reason we can talk through a Skype/telephone call.
    4. People selected in the second round will be asked to share a task and an action
      plan to take up during your internship.


No stipend is paid for internship at Medlife Foundation.

Medlife foundation will give you valid certificate for your career.

Happy to help with arranging accommodation and other aspects but given our
limited resources, are unable to offer accommodation and other stay related arrangements.

Working Hours
You will be working in close co-ordination with Team Medlife Foundation. We work Monday – Saturday (10am to 5pm) and expect the interns to follow the same timings.
Work from Home The idea is to give you maximum exposure to our work environment therefore
‘Work-from- home’ is not encouraged. (Lockdown Situation ‘Work-from- home’ is allowed)

For pro-active, multi-lingual and willing to learn interns, the sky is the limit… If you know any specific skill or you have a specific interest/wish list, do let us know. Our priority is to ensure that you get to explore your skills and strengths by working on different aspects of our processes.

At the end of the day how much you learn from your stint at Medlife Foundation is up to you.

Currently there is an opening for an Intern in our Sustainable Menstrual Hygiene Category. 

Please write to us with your resume at info@medlifefoundation.org

Applications are open now! –
You can select internship category
1) Sustainable Menstruation
2) Menstrual Hygiene
3) Women’s Healthcare in India
4) Sanitary Pad Impact on Environment
5) Sanitary Products – Pad / Tampon / Menstrual cup