Empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors is essential to build stronger economy, achieve International Goals for Development and Sustainability, and to improve the quality of life for weaker section of societies and communities.

The Private Sector has been a Key Partner in efforts to advance gender equality and empower women. Our focus on Women Empowerment is Essential to achieve our mission of creating a just and Sustainable World. The Entrepreneurship holds significant, untapped potential to contribute to women’s advancement and stands to benefit tremendously by ensuring women are empowered. Medlife Foundation believes business has many opportunities to influence the status of women through employment practices, sourcing, product and service development, partnerships, supplier relationships, and marketing campaigns.

We aim to achieve progress for women so that they can:

Access the resources necessary to meet their needs and reach their potential. These include material resources (land, equipment, and finances), social resources (relationships, networks, and connections) and human resources (knowledge, skills, and creativity). Have the agency to make decisions to shape their future. Agency is influenced by collective assets and capabilities, which include voice, organization, and identity. Thrive in an enabling environment that businesses contribute to shaping. This includes formal and informal laws, regulatory frameworks, and norms that govern behavior.

How We Work

Developing Impactful Strategies

We work with local businesses to develop a comprehensive overview of their performance on women’s empowerment, set priorities, and develop and execute a strategy that drives business success and women’s advancement, including through implementation of the Women’s Empowerment Principles.


Driving Progress for Women in Supply Chains

Women represent a vast majority of workers in global supply chains, yet existing supply chain management systems do not adequately address their rights and needs. Medlife Foundation works with companies to integrate gender into their supplier management systems and deliver impactful workplace programs focused on women’s health, financial literacy, and gender relations through various project.

Tackling Systemic Challenges

Very few corporate women’s empowerment programs offer opportunities to scale, and even fewer propose multi-stakeholder and cross-sector solutions. Medlife foundation Business Action for Women collaboration is a coalition of companies driving collective progress for women through a shared action framework.


Business Benefits


  • Attract and retain new talent
  • Generate new product ideas and process improvements
  • Access and grow new supplier base

Cost Savings and Productivity

  • Build a more resilient and inclusive supply chain
  • Increase productivity through access to essential resources
  • Reduce turnover and increase retention

Markket Growth

  • Access and grow new markets
  • Drive consumer loyalty
  • Enhance brand reputation

Medlife Foundation has developed a framework for action that identifies three fundamental roles business can play individually or collaboratively to advance women’s empowerment:

Act by making decisions to advance women within their own operations. This includes developing gender-sensitive policies and guidelines, as well as developing effective programs related to recruitment and retention, procurement, product and services development, and corporate investments.


Enable by supporting the company’s business ecosystem to make similar women’s empowerment commitments. This includes partnering with NGOs, community organizations, and business partners to promote women’s empowerment in global supply chains and working with suppliers to build their capacity on women’s empowerment and develop supportive workplaces.

Influence by shaping public opinion and public policy to create an environment that supports opportunities for women’s advancement. This includes engaging in research, advocacy, and communications campaigns, as wellas industry collaborations.


Become a Volunteer

Medlife Foundation volunteers are self-motivated people of all ages and from different walks of life who give of their time and resources to make positive difference in the lives of children.