30% of very poor children live in India: Unicef

UNITED NATIONS: India is home to over 30% of almost 385 million children living in extreme poverty, the highest in south Asia, according to a new report by World Bank Group and Unicef, 'Ending Extreme Poverty: A Focus on Children.' It said children are more than twice as likely as adults to live in extreme poverty. [...]

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After work, is what determines your future! Spend one hour per day doing these 5 things and your life will change forever!

You finish work at 6 pm, go to bed at 12 midnight. Within these six hours, how do you spend them? Watching TV? In fact, the activities you do between 6 am and 12 midnight, the importance of it is beyond your imagination. Too many people believe that, your career is determined by the 8 hours [...]

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