Sustainable menstruation refers to the use of alternative products during one’s menstrual cycle for the benefit of the body and planet. They are those Menstrual Management Practices which are Healthy and leave a little or No impact or Wastage on Environment This movement also focuses on the access to sustainable menstruating products.


To nurture people’s health through innovation by exposing people from underpriviledged society by contributing sustainable solutions to healthcare services which makes Upliftment & Social Services as our prime concern


To create healthcare awareness by providing Eco-friendly solutions with Sustainable Innovation


  • To provide services to menstruators by creating innovative and eco-friendly products
  • To uplift the people from weaker sections of the society by providing opportunity for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
  • To improve the environmental conditions by educating people about sustainability
  • To conduct various welfare programs to educate and provide healthcare services to people from rural and slum areas.



We lead by examples, striving to make a difference, by practicing sustainable measures and guiding the youth throughout the activities


By educating and spreading awareness, we are activating all the power we have within ourselves


We are committed to make our planet safe for the future generation and make a difference by creating innovative ideas


We believe Medlife Foundation is a leading organization for contributing in society by sustainable healthcare solutions and innovations


Our priority is to provide healthcare solutions to the remote areas of our society.