Every Woman Should Know These Tips on Menstruation Problems

The abdomen hurts, the headaches, and if one is unlucky, one is also still sick. Menstruation complaints last just a few days a month but are very unpleasant.

Every woman knows the violent pulling in the belly with which the period is announced. Young women, in particular, suffer menstruation problems during the first years of their period. Often the problems disappear on their own after a few months or years. Speak with your female doctor if your concerns are extreme and you are suffering in your daily life.

Symptoms of menstruation: typical symptoms

Constipation is the classic symptom of menstrual problems. It starts a few hours before the period begins and then stays a day or two before it improves again. Sometimes it is just a light pull, and other times the cramps are so intense that only a pain reliever helps. The cause is usually harmless. Particular hormones (prostaglandins) cause the uterus to contract strongly, causing pain. By taking the pill, these menstrual problems can be suppressed.

If abdominal cramping occurs only in the later years, from 30 to 40, you should discuss this with your doctor. Here, a disease such as endometriosis can be the trigger.
In addition to abdominal cramps, further menstrual problems may occur:
· Nausea/sickness
· Diarrhoea
· Headaches or migraines
· Fatigue
· Pimples

The best home remedies for menstrual problems

Preventing menstruation can’t be done. But a few home remedies can alleviate your discomfort and make it more tolerable.

Home remedies for chronic pain:

The heat helps this type of pain very well. Put a hot water bottle or a grain pillow on your stomach. Because movement also can help resolve the spasms, you should not use your period as an excuse for a lazy evening on the sofa, but instead participate in an easy sport such as walking, aerobics, or yoga.

Home remedies for nausea & diarrhea:

Drinks that help prevent nausea include ginger or chamomile tea. Both soothe the stomach. Always eat a snack, preferably light, well-tolerated food such as Zwieback, bananas, or apples. These foods also help with light diarrhea. Fats, spicy and sweet food are best avoided during this time, as is just caffeine.

Home remedies for headaches:

Light headaches can be eased if you put a wet towel on the head and neck. Peppermint essential oil also helps when you rub it on your temples.

Medicines for intense menstrual problems

The hot water bottle is no longer enough for very intense menstrual complaints. Get over-the-counter painkillers at the pharmacy. Medications containing the active substances ibuprofen, paracetamol, or acetylsalicylic acid are well suited to relieve pain. You can get some drugs with the active ingredient butyl scopolamine to get rid of the spasms.

If you are not planning for pregnancy, you can also ask your female doctor whether the use of a hormonal contraceptive (pill, spiral, contraceptive ring) is a possibility to relieve intense menstrual complaints.

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